Department of Social Work, AmritaPuri campus – “Survey Research Initiative”

Department of Social Work, AmritaPuri campus  – “Survey Research Initiative”

(In collaboration with HelpAge India, Institute of Palliative Medicine)

The Department of Social Work, AmritaPuri campus is collaborating  with an International NGO called “HelpAge India”, The Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM), Kozhikode and Four x 4 Consulting Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi towards organizing a survey research  to evaluate a community led and managed project on providing palliative care.

This research is being carried out to evaluate the interventions by HelpAge India in its programme intervention areas in Cuddalore, Nagapattinam and Vedharanya in Tamilnadu and Kollam District, Kerala.  HelpAge India has been providing Palliative Care services for the community with a strong focus on elders in these areas for the last two plus years that have made considerable progress in reaching out to the needy elders and other patients with the technical support and guidance from IPM, Kozhikode. The department of Social Work, Amritapuri campus is collaborating with survey research to be carried out in Kollam district.   This study is mainly done to succinctly capture these results and showcase the community-led, managed and owned processes of providing palliative care. The survey research rely on “World Health Organization Quality of Life” (WHOQOL)  – an international cross-culturally comparable quality of life assessment instrument developed by World Health Organisation. WHOQOL assesses the individual’s perceptions in the context of their culture and value systems, and their personal goals, standards and concerns.

In lieu with the same a two day preparatory workshop on “Research Methodology and Strategy” is to be organized for the Field Investigators and Research Supervisors (students and faculty of department of Social Work) in Amritapuri campus on 21st and 22nd of October, 2011. The programme schedule proposed is given below:-



Institution / Persons involved


21 & 22 October, 2011 preparatory workshop on “Research Methodology and Strategy” Dept of Social Work, HelpAge India, IPM, Kozhikode, Four x 4 Consulting Pvt. Ltd (30 persons) Conference Hall (to be fixed)Amritapuri Campus
23, 24 & 25 October, 2011 Structured Field Survey 2nd Year MSW Students & 2 Faculties of Dept of Social Work, Resource persons (23 approx) Target population as proposed by HelpAge India & IPM, Kozhikode

The collaborative effort provides a good opportunity for the department to associate in a structured scientific study besides gaining invaluable experience from interacting with a cross section of community people.  Also due recognition / representation will be given to the department on the research publication and subsequently at national level symposium


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